AIDS walk


“Anthony has been a quiet champion of many causes that he holds dear to his heart and core values. When I first met Anthony in 1995, he sought to improve the lives of the many who were suffering from HIV/AIDS in the theatre community before the first line of anti-retroviral drugs became available. He used his many musical talents to introduce the Midwest to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids bringing a bit of hope and much needed funds to his fellow sisters and brothers in the acting and music community in the early days of sadness and death that accompanied the AIDS crisis. Using his many connections he had no problem convincing anyone from the Pointer Sisters to captains of industry to raise much needed funds.”


“As his career took off thru the 1990’s he always found a new or novel way to fight the stigma that came of those who battled the stigma of HIV/AIDS. Moving back to Kansas City in 2000, he became the music and talent head for the annual Aids walk that has managed to increase its fundraising every year. Working with Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Short and John Lithgow he has helped Kansas City’s Boys and Girls Club organization maintain a solid foundation to help disadvantaged youth.”


“I could go on, but there is much to be said.  I watched him smile yesterday as he was purchasing clothes for a fatherless family and saw him tear up as he handed the much needed goods off. He made sure that Montez also had a Batman shirt and cape for Christmas. That is why I respect and love my husband of 17 years; it comes naturally for him to always deeply care.”

 -Scott Henze